Thursday, July 29, 2010

Total Recall......remake?

Ugh. Seriously? A Total Recall remake? Why? Has Hollywood completely run out of genuine ideas that they need to start over? Karate Kid, The Last Starfighter, Evil Dead; all planned on being remade. I don't get it.

Are all the execs in Hollywood, sitting around a table saying things like; "Hey, how do we piss on movies that were good when they were originally made?" Or; "Hey, this movie was a good idea, but it bombed. Lets try and make it over again, and inevitably make it worse"? Some things are unnecessary; these are some of them. Makes me wonder....

Are you effing serious?

Monday, July 26, 2010

High Definition Paint?

Are you effing serious? High Definition paint? High Definition sunglasses? Where the hell did this crap come from? Slap High Def before something, and the sheep flock comes running. "High Def is life". My ass. Where's my High Def eye implants? My High Def pills for my dreams? I wanna dream in High Def; why can't I dream in High Def?!? Does that mean the colors I've been looking at all my life are dull?

Can I buy High Def car paint? Spray paint, finger paints? Where are my High Def spray paints? "High Def" is a load of shit.